Rethinking Ideas Around Femininity: A Queer Femme of Color’s Perspective

The article “Rethinking Ideas Around Femininity: A Queer Femme of Color’s Perspective” by Shanay Venicia nails many of my own thoughts about femme. Venicia writes:

I first came to femme identity because it allowed me to reclaim femininity in the context of my queerness, and still feel “validated” as a queer. I have come home in my femme identity because of how it flawlessly intersects with and upheaves all the ways my body and femininity has been denied to me by interlocking systems of oppression. For me, being femme is not just about being queer.

Shanay Venicia (click image to be redirected to the article)

She goes on to say:

My femme identity is a purposeful reclamation of femininity from the white supremacist classist heteronormative cis-patriarchy. It is a way of saying there is no contradiction being a radical anti-white-supremacist feminist and supporting my local immigrant-woman-ran nail salon. There is no contradiction in being my own kind of pretty and getting work done.

In fact, it an act of resistance. Femme is a chosen, rather than assigned femininity. Femme is taking all the toxic representations of femininity that have scarred us our whole lifetimes, cutting out the rotting parts of shame, and finding a way to celebrate what we liked in the first place.

Femme is fat-positive, poor and working-class-positive, brown-positive, sex-positive, queer-positive femininity.

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